1972 DATSUN 510 / SR 20E85 or 91SHOW AND GO

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Technical specifications

Fuel Type:E85 / 91
Engine:SR 20 Fully built
Trim:2 door coupe
Number of Cylinders:4
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Have had many Datsun's over the years. This was to be my last one with no expense spared. bought the car as you see it in the link to video below.
class="yt" id="watch-headline-title">Car was built really nice, one of the nicest I'd seen so far. Unfortunately, as with most SR swaps, Lots of money spent on car, but had issues and lots of bugs to be worked out
before it would be a perfect and reliable car. Car would heat up on long drives and was only good for short blasts, then would have to let it cool down.
Went to Specialty Z to see if I could get it sorted with them. That's when I realized I was gonna have to re-due entire mechanics of the car from front to back in order to have a
reliable and sorted car that you could run and not always be looking at the temp gauge. Specialty Z for those who don't know is not cheap but there results are second to none
and are Nissan freaks. I told them I wanted to do it right, have it reliable, make over 600 HP to the crank safely.
So sent motor to Costa Mesa R&D (check them out on you tube) for full rebuild which included:
Needed all machining, Horn, bore, deck block and head
had block O-ringed for big boost with out problems
super tech valves
BC 280 Cams
CP pistons
Crower rods
HKS adjustable cam chain sprocket
polished and rebalanced OEM crank
bearing, timing chain, etc.
While machining was being done got the wish list from Specialty Z
Subaru rear Diff, Quaife LSD, had all internals shop pinned
Troy Emrish CV kit
New engine "Pro" wiring harness built by Wiring Specialties <sales@wiringspecialties.com> for the new Haltech
Haltech ECU Kit, W/B Controller, Flex MAP, Boost, IO Box
OEM knock sensor read by Haltech,
Speedsport single carbon Clutch & aluminium flywheel. 19 LBS clutch and plate, Love the clutch!
2 Bosh 044 fuel pumps
Vibrant Silocone Hoses and all new clamps, T-Bolts where i could
All new engine Nissan Gaskets
Ball bearing Garret GT35, 70 mil intake tubro supports up to 650+ power
ID (Injector Dynamics) 1,330cc injectors for 91 or E85(flex)
New Engine mounts
OEM throwout bearing, pilot bushing
Rebuild trans
New isis short shiftier
Nismo thermostat
new clutch master cylinder
Setrab Oil Cooler, with AN -10 lines to Canton external racing filter housing, had to re anodize to red and black to match
Nissan Fan Clucth with Enjuku Hi capacity fan 70% more efficient than OEM
Optima Blue top
Mazworks Oil bypass for remote oil filter
Mazworks cooling return CNC piece off the head
Moroso Oil Pan, ditch the greddy better fitting piece and up graded to S15 oil pick up (twice the volume of a S13)
All new fuel hose that's E85 grade
More relays, gaskets, clamps, all flanged hardware than worth listing
While wire harness was being made, car went to Fabtech.
Needed to address cooling. These turbo motors make a lot of heat. So ditch the 3 core Ron Davis and electric fans, Looked cool but not good for my application.
Bought new Koyo Radiator which Fabtech cut the tanks off before I could see it out of the box. Made new top and bottom tanks with welded return and inlet lines out of aluminum.
Also integrated the thermostat housing to solid piping and the outlet off the head. No Frankenstein pieces like you usually see on these swaps.
Made custom fan shroud that holds some of the oil lines to the oil cooler
oil cooler mounted in-front of rad, behind grill with slick bulk head pass threw lines
Custom one off oil catch can to clear intake
One off intake polish made with Mazworks idle control valve and boost bungs mounted underneath intake , can't see them.
Re-did exhaust pipe work
Re-did all intake pipe work to 3' threw-out
Made 5 point Roll cage with removable harness bar, powder coated black
DJ Safety 5 Point Harnesses, with Federal dot street approved tag
Custom housing for 2 bosh fuel pumps
16 Gallon custom one off fuel tank with sending unit, filler neck, Anodized black, clean look but also protects from E85
Troy Emrish new edition rear coil-over kit, with one way adjustable compression and rebound
Troy Emrish steering box brace, made big difference
Ground Control front coil over kit
Ground Control front camber plates
E&M front tie rods
Willwood 4 piston front calipers
Willwood 12.5 drill rotors
Rear 280ZX drill rotors
rear 280zx calipers and E-brake that works
Carpet could be redone for after rebuilt it got alittle out of shape. However there not one piece of the interior that's not finished. all door and quarter panels, rear deck has molded and raise speakers, rear seats, front seats. all anyone says about interior "flawless"
Carbon Fiber Dash, entire dash, one off piece
Custom center counsel
all Auto Meter Gauges, speedo, tach, water temp, oil, boost, pyro and fuel gauge. However going to ditch gauges in the counsel and run a 10.5 i pad and run the Haltech soft wear for it displays way more information more accurately, haven't had time to install it yet.
BMW M3 seats custom wrapped in leather that matches rest of interior. yes there hooked up and electric motors work great
Even the rear wheel tubes are covered in leather
Car runs great.
I know I'm missing allot of things.
Car needs new set of tires only cause there old and compound has gotten a little hard. has taken almost two years for the build.
Also I planned on running the I-pad in center counsel, you dont need too, but it would look great and provide lot of functions
Haven't re-installed the audio system, which includes 2 JLaudio amps( in car), 2 12 inch subs(not in car but have), Clarion touch screen deck (in car), Two sets or separates (in car). was over the top,
need to install twin pump serge tank for hard first gear pump when low on fuel. have all parts selected, just haven't had time to install.

Car currently has 600 miles on brake in tune making 395 to rear wheel on low boost and pump gas. E85 tune will deliver more than 600 easily if desired. Motor and all systems were built for that. However right now you wont believe how fast this
2100 lbs car is. After driving it how it sits now.. I was gonna start at a 500 WHP for starters.

had to get a new block for the aggressive tune ate the top of the cylinder wall and was
causing the gasket to fail. Lot

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